Tsvetana Yvanova

Conventions do not define her - with versatile background in seemingly unconnected aesthetic fields from landscape architecture and fashion to sculpture - none of these fields define that artist and yet, they are all present in her world . What defines this Artist is the unstoppable love for life, love of nature, love of the world, that drive her true inner freedom.The Alice in her is constantly searching for that inner freedom and constantly asks questions - simple questions, complex questions, Zen like questions.


Through abstract painting and abstract sculpture, trough figurative sculpture, through representational oversized photographic portraits, there is  natural consistency in this search. These are all questions, not answers. In some occasions the answer is hidden within the work  itself. Where  the viewer engages in a dialogue with the art to discover it for themselves. Her art is a journey of discovery. Lured by philosophical and Zen questions, her body of work ranges from figurative sculpture, large portrait faces , spontaneous texture Pollock experiments to abstract oversize paintings , that incorporate bareliefs in the new context of the work.


The viewer is invited to connect to the meditative quality of the a oversized realistic paintings and investigate the social and emotional subtext of the portraits and figurative sculptures. While the sculptural works present issues from a global female perspective – the contemporary paintings are universal in its content and without boundaries. Stop - view - meditate - think - unthink - live - start over with a new perspective. The Bulgarian born American Artist lives and works in Los Angeles, California.